EP 175 S Solvent Free Gloss

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EP 175 S is a high quality, 2-component epoxy resin preparation for clear seal-finishing on décor mortar and décor scatter coatings. EP 175 Sis used for top-sealing colours and scatter-coatings for use in slip-resistant wet areas such as, e.g. kitchens, abattoirs, fish and food industries. For trowel applied surface sealing and smoothing of décor and terrazzo flooring.

Application as a filler-sealer is completed in several applications. The product has little inherent colour and, with careful application, gives a visually uniform and good appearance. As the product is based on epoxy resin, it is possible to use it in areas where there is a demand for mechanical and chemical resistance. Surfaces are abrasion and wear resistant, hygienic and easy to clean. EP 175 S has good colour stability.


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KLB EP 740 E is a 2-component, water-emulsified, pigmented epoxy-resin seal.
EP 740 E is mainly used a seal on concrete, cement screeds, magnesia screeds and mastic asphalt, as well as for the renovation of existing surfaces as it has excellent adhesion to a wide range, including existing substrates.
The product is easy to apply by roller, has high coverage capacity and, due to its composition, is pleasant to use and environmentally friendly. In two coats, a durable and visu­ally appealing flooring seal can be produced.


KLB EP 285 CRis a solvent-free, 2-component epoxy resin free-fl ow coating with increased chemical resistance. The hardened coating is suitable for use in commercial and industrial locations in which high chemical resistance is required. The range of uses extends to many industrial and commercial situations in which the resistance properties of the coating is foremost.
EP 285 CRis provided with good resistance to chemicals such as, e.g. alkalis, oils, grease, water, salt solutions and various acids. To ensure that the coating is suitable for your application, refer to the resistances chart and request advice.


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KLB-SYSTEM POLYURETHANE PU 800 E is a high quality, colourless, 2-component polyurethane seal-coat that is used as a matt finish on epoxy-resin and polyurethane coatings. PU800 E is based on a new, environment-protective technology, represents an excellent alternative to solvent-based seal producers and can be used in a wide range of areas.
Application is by mohair – or velour roller using cross-strokes. Due to its drying performance, very consistent and “beautiful” surfaces can be produced.
The seal coat produces a consistent, matt surface finish that gives the coating a pleasant and attractive appearance. “Mirror effects” of glass coating are reduced by the light refraction of the surface so that the area of used for this product can be seen as mainly those surfaces with aesthetic demands.