Primers Wet Concrete


KLB EP 52 is a solvent-free, 2-component epoxy resin that is formulated to have high resistance to moisture. EP 52 will bond to surface-dry damp substrates, suppresses the water content and achieves an exceptional bond. In combination with
the Properties, the resin penetrates well into the substrate and provides a high strength base for subsequent coating materials.
EP 50 has, for many years, been our first recommendation for substrate preparation as it works reliably under all the various construction conditions.


KLB EP 51 RAPID Sis a solvent-free, 2-component epoxy resin that cures at low temperatures and, at normal temperatures, cures rapidly. It is used as a primer and smoothing coat in cases where a fast coating installation is required.
EP 51 RAPID Scan usually be over-coated after 2 – 4 hours and has, therefore, a great time advantage over other primers. The use of EP 51 RAPID Soffers considerable time savings in small areas and in renovation work with short installation and setting times. EP 51 RAPID S cures reliably even at temperatures down to 0°C and this is a considerable advantage in the colder seasons of the year.


KLB EP 52 is a solvent-free, 2-component epoxy resin that is formulated to have high resistance to moisture. EP 52 will bond to surface-dry damp substrates, suppresses the water content and achieves an exceptional bond. In combination with
the degreasing agent, PS 22, oil-contaminated surfaces can be cleaned and then primed. Due to its especially good penetration and bonding properties, the product is proven to be effective on poor quality substrates.
In particular, on substrates with inadequate strength, the bond-strength achieved can be significantly improved. Its medium viscosity makes the product suitable for use as a scratch-coat and also for use as a wet bonding agent for bonded screeds. The best adhesion is achieved on shot-blasted surfaces.


KLB EP 52 RAPID is a rapid setting, solvent-free, 2-component epoxy resin formulated to be extremely compatible with moisture. EP 52 RAPID will bond to matt-damp surfaces, displacing the water and providing exceptional adhesion. As a variant of the proven special resin primer EP 52, the product is rapid setting and combines good adhesion and wetting properties with early readiness for over-coating after only 4 – 6 hours.
It is suitable for use as a primer on problem substrates at temperatures from 5 °C. The product is primarily for use on concrete and ce­ment screeds where there is a need for rapid setting and good adhesion. Its medium viscosity makes the product also suitable as a scratch coat and as a wet bonding agent for bonded screeds. With KLB EP 52 Rapid, excellent adhesion is achieved on shot-blasted steel.



Each product carries a very brief description, with the Data Sheet giving detailed technical specification and guides on the use of the product and its application.
If you have questions on any product or need clarification on the uses or application, please call us on (01) 457 0868 or drop us an email:


ELASTOMER PRIMER is a fast curing one part polyurethane primer, used for priming prior to the application of TRETODEK+.
It can be used on concrete, brickwork and blockwork but is not recommended for use in temperatures below +5⁰C or for priming polymer modified cementitious screeds.

EP 150

KLB-SYTEM EPOXID EP 150is a low viscosity epoxy resin for producing decorative reaction resin coatings using coloured and natural sand. EP 150 is an easy to apply mortar system. Due to its special composition, the resin has low yellowing properties and is especially suitable for decorative mortar coatings. In addition, it can be used to produce base-coats, levelling coats and scratch coats.


KLB-SYSTEM EPOXID EP727 Eis a 2 – component, ready-to-use and rapid-setting epoxy resin emulsion that is manufactured without the use of solvents. EP 727 E is used as a primer prior to application of water vapour permeable coatings. In combination with EP782 Spachtelgrund and the coating EP 785 HS, a water vapour permeable flooring system can be produced.
KLB-SYSTEM EPOXID EP727 E is used primarily where the impervious primer is not suitable. This is required where coatings with water vapour permeable systems, e.g. with still too damp and fresh concrete, moisture sensitive magnesia and similar substrates.

PU 800 E

KLB-SYSTEM POLYURETHANE PU 800 E is a high quality, colourless, 2-component polyurethane seal-coat that is used as a matt finish on epoxy-resin and polyurethane coatings. PU800 E is based on a new, environment-protective technology, represents an excellent alternative to solvent-based seal producers and can be used in a wide range of areas. Application is by mohair – or velour roller using cross-strokes. Due to its drying performance, very consistent and “beautiful” surfaces can be produced.
The seal coat produces a consistent, matt surface finish that gives the coating a pleasant and attractive appearance. “Mirror effects” of glass coating are reduced by the light refraction of the surface so that the area of used for this product can be seen as mainly those surfaces with aesthetic demands.

EP 175 Spezial

KLB SYSTEM EPOXY RESIN EP 175 Spezial is a high quality, 2-component epoxy resin preparation for clear seal-finishing on decor mortar and decor scatter coatings. EP 175 Spezial is used for top sealing colours and scatter coatings for use in slip resistant wet areas such as, kitchens, abattoirs, fish and foodstuffs industries. For trowel applied surface sealing and smoothing of decor and terrazzo flooring.
Application as a filler sealer is completed in several applications. The product has little inherent colour and, with careful application, gives a visually uniform and good appearance. As the product is based on epoxy resin, it possible to use it in areas where there is a demand form mechanical and chemical resistance. Surfaces are abrasion and wear-resistant, hygienic and easy to clean. EP 175 Spezial has good colour stability. To improve the appearance, after surface filling, it is recommended to over-coat with suitable matt seal.