Industrial flooring for wet areas - resistant to hot water and chemicals

KLB PU-CONCRETE-Coatings are high quality, 3-Component-Polyurethane-Mortar- Coatings for floors with high load. In comparison to other synthetic resin coatings, PU-CONCRETE features much better temperature resistance. That’s the reason why they are applied already for many years where floors get strained very often with water, hot water, high temperatures and chemicals. Used in the food production and food processing industry as well as the beverage and chemical industry and many other areas. Comparing to many common synthetic resin coatings which capitulate at temperatures of 60 °C / 140 °F, KLB PU-CONCRETE features a considerably higher glass transition temperature. An excellent temperature stability is achieved: up to 130 °C / 266 °F for humid heat and up to 150 °C / 302 °F for dry heat. This is what makes KLB PU-CONCRETE perfect for high fluctuations in temperature and hot water. KLB PU-CONCRETE also allows the usage of vapour jet cleaning equipment. To select the perfect KLB PU-CONCRETE-Flooring for your individual needs in industrial or trading business different system components and products as well as layers from 6 mm up to 9 mm are available. Since the coating is made out of one casting it offers good mechanical resistance. KLB-SYSTEM PU-CONCRETE is also available in an electrically conductive adjustment: PUCONCRETE 4006 EL+.

Application Area:
- Breweries, vinification industry,
beverage industry
- Slaughterhouses and butcheries
- Food industry, backeries
- Creamery / dairy farming
- Chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry
and many more

Build-up of System
Layer in Detail
R10 R12 (slip-resistant)
Lamination Strength 8 – 10 mm 8 – 10 mm
as Top Sealer
and Scattering scattered with Corundum 0.5/1.0 mm
Scratch Coat Optional for increased depth of roughness with KLB-SYSTEM PU-CONCRETE 4006
Base Coat KLB-SYSTEM PU-CONCRETE 4050 Base Coat
Substrate Requirements to the substrate according to the BEB-worksheets and our detailed base coat
instructions or advice by our technicians. Important: watch for tensile strength and compression
proof substrate as well as anchoring cuts according to the requirements.

System Variant
Layer in Detail
Slip Resistance Class R9 – R13 can be achieved by scattering with sand or corundum.
Colour 4 different colours are available
Alternative Coatings For layers 6 mm: KLB-SYSTEM PU-CONCRETE 4006
Conductive adjustment: KLB-SYSTEM PU-CONCRETE 4006 EL+