Decorative Quartz-Pebble-Coatings for interior and exterior areas

Quartz-Pebble-Coatings are decorative coatings combined by natural-, coloured quartz- or marble-granulates and high-quality KLB-binding agents. The novel formulated KLB-SYSTEM EPOXY EP 172 is low in solvents and emission and can be used as binding agent. KLB-SYSTEM EPOXY EP 172 results in a glossy surface and shows only slight yellowing. That's why it is especially suitable for all decorative and coloured sand coatings. Due to its innovative composition the binding agent fulfills particularly the requirements for recreation rooms according to legal regulations. Accreditation of the German Institute for Construction (DIBt) is at hand. The coatings may be excellently combined with other materials like wood or stainless steel. Corporate symbols and lettering can be integrated without any problems. Offers unique floors with individual design. Decorative-Pebble-Coatings can be used for interior and exterior areas.

Application Area:
- Balconies and patios
- Sales offices
- Show rooms
- Entrance hall
- Living rooms
and many more

Build-up of System
Layer in Detail
Lamination Strength 5 – 10 mm
Top Sealer (Optional) KLB-SYSTEM EPOXY EP 172
Coating Different sized quartz pebbles, usually 2/3 mm, 3/4 mm, or 4/6 mm bound with
with KLB-SYSTEM EPOXY EP 172. Resinate coatings with increased load.
Scratch Coat (Optional) KLB-SYSTEM EPOXY EP 55 blended with KLB-Sand Blend 2/1
Base Coat KLB-SYSTEM EPOXY EP 55, scattered with grain size 1/2 mm
Substrate Requirements to the substrate according to the BEB-worksheets
and our detailed base coat instructions or advice by our technicians.

System Variant
Layer in Detail
Interior Coatings Bound with KLB-SYSTEM EPOXY EP 172, alternative: EP 174, EP 175.
Exterior Coatings Bound with KLB-SYSTEM POLYURETHANE PU 9010 or PU 9030, re-sealing may be required.
Commercially and industrially used coatings can be produced as follows:

Possibilities in colours