EP 175 S Solvent Free Gloss

KLB EP 175 Sis a high quality, 2-component epoxy resin preparation for clear seal-finishing on décor mortar and décor scatter coatings. EP 175 Sis used for top-sealing colours and scatter-coatings for use in slip-resistant wet areas such as, e.g. kitchens, abattoirs, fish and food industries. For trowel applied surface sealing and smoothing of décor and terrazzo flooring.

Application as a filler-sealer is completed in several applications. The product has little inherent colour and, with careful application, gives a visually uniform and good appearance. As the product is based on epoxy resin, it is possible to use it in areas where there is a demand for mechanical and chemical resistance. Surfaces are abrasion and wear resistant, hygienic and easy to clean. EP 175 Shas good colour stability.