Radon Barrier Mesh Reinforced Resin Screed IRELAND

  • KLB PU420 screed with polypropylene sheet mesh reinforcing forms a flexible crack bridging system that forms a barrier to the flow of radon gas
  • The 5mm screed is laid on an EP52 anti damp penetrating primer
  • A levelling EP50 pigmented screed is then laid at 2mm, followed by a 3mm PU420 screed
  • For full ultra violet resistance the final screed may be changed to PU410
  • The system carries our five year warranty on both material and application

Aseptic Resin Flooring Systems IRELAND

  • Designed for sterile areas in hospitals, pharma plants, veterinary clinics, retirement homes and schools
  • KLB EP260 Deluxe Screed is a decorative screed with non-porous fillers
  • Normal decor screeds use pigmented quartz or flake which is highly porous.  Wear and tear on the surface sealer exposes these pores which accelerate the growth of bacteria.
  • KLB EP260 Deluxe has eliminated these pores
  • Solvent free and joint free when laid on a mesh reinforced bed and resistant to bacteria
  • Performs well with sanitising solutions


High-quality,uv-stable 2-Component-polyurethane-Coating for decorative living and recreation rooms.


is a high-quality,free-flow coating,based on a liquid 2-Component-Polyurethane-Resin.

KLB-SYSTEMS POLYURETHANE PU 410 is suitable for flexible coatings,predominantly for

interior areas with impact sound insulation and decorative features.